About Us

What We Do


We can: 

  • Purchase insurance entities outright 
  • Provide an LPT or novation of books of business in run-off 
  • Provide Assumption Reinsurance for back years or whole portfolios  
  • Operate throughout North America, Bermuda & The Caribbean

Our Business


SOBC DARAG specialises in providing solutions for businesses in runoff

SOBC DARAG has the expertise in run-off acquisition and management to help clients swiftly & cleanly reduce or remove old year liabilities

Furthermore, we manage the bulk of acquired business in-house and thus provide professional claims handling services, ensuring all policyholders are treated fairly and promptly

Our History


SOBC was originally formed as a UK company in 2007 by the current CEO, Stephanie Mocatta. 

In 2014 the team expanded and we now have operations in Connecticut, Ohio, New York and Bermuda. In 2018 SOBC DARAG was formed, bringing together the skills and backing of the DARAG Group

At present SOBC DARAG has six owned companies under management, in Montana, Connecticut, Florida, Vermont, D.C. and Bermuda.