Our Business

Our Business


As a privately held company, we can move quickly to get the best results for our clients

At present SOBC DARAG has six owned companies under management, in Connecticut, Florida, Montana, Vermont, D.C. and Bermuda

We also provide third party run-off management services

We currently have around $60m of claims liabilities under management

Our Promise


SOBC DARAG specialises in the active and professional management of claims. Once we have acquired companies, or indeed where we act as a third-party service provider, we work hard to: 

  • Ensure that the solvency is maintained wherever possible.
  • Work closely with regulators to ensure there are “no surprises”.
  • Protect the reputation of ourselves and past owners
  • Protect the assets of the company.
  • Look to close the liabilities if possible and reduce the associated time and expenses. 

We never forget our responsibility to policy holders 

Our Plan


SOBC DARAG has a long time-frame, as such we are happy, able and properly set up to manage very long tail liabilities

A significant proportion of our business under management has a tail of over 30 years.  

Third Party Clients


SOBC DARAG also provides outsourced run-off management, usually with a view to purchase after a period of time, or sorting out a specific issue, or set of issues. SOBC Sandell has a number of third party clients under management. 


We are a licensed Captive Manager in Connecticut and Vermont and are also in the process of becoming a specialised Captive Manager for run-off clients in Bermuda